Pini Kay Briquettes

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Pallet 1200 x 800 x 1350 mm
Weight – 1000 kg. 1000 primary bags
Additional packaging: Barcode, Custom bag, Sticker, Label, Custom box, Design services
Strech wrap, Banner, Printing services

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PINY KAY briquettes consist of rectangular form agglomerations with easy stacking and handling. Because of the hole in these briquettes, it reduces the amount of smoke. These briquettes are produced by pressing dry chipped wood at high pressures and high temperatures. They have the maximum burning time and produce the maximum useful heat. Pini Kay fuel briquettes are remarkably resistant to mechanical action and moisture and store well.

Pini kay Fireplace Briquette burns slowly, which gives off more heat, thus saving money. The unique technology of producing this briquette enables aesthetic combustion, without absorbing moisture from the air, and prevents contamination of heating devices.


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Pini Kay Briquettes

Moisture index of the briquettes is 4-5%
Ash content – 0,9% (less than in coal anthracite 4-7%)
Sulfuric emission during combustion – 0,02% (significantly less than in a lump of coal)
The calorific value during combustion – 4800 kcal/kg (which is almost twice more than in original firewood)
Weight of one briquette – 0,840 kg (+/- 0,05 kg)


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