Alder firewood kd 1m3/2m3

We are a producing company of firewood (especially Kiln Dried Alder, Beech, Ash, Oak & Hornbeam Firewood) in pallets of 1M3 & 2M3 pallets
The firewood is cut at 25, 33, 50 cm or in accordance with the customer’s needs.

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KD Kiln Dried Alder Firewood 25, 33, 50 cm
FSC Alder/ Oak / Brown Ash Firewood Cleaved 6-12 cm

Main type Kiln Dry Kiln Dried Alder
Type Firewood
Use Burning
Origin Ukraine
Quantity 10-20 truckload per month
Type of species European Hardwood
Species Available Beech, Ash, Oak, Hornbeam
Humidity KD
Diameter 6-12 cm
Length 25; 33; 50 cm
Thickness 6-12 cm
Density 480-650 kg/m3
Moisture content 20-25 %
Certification FSC
Description We look forward to your offers
Price & Conditions
Price On-demand
Buys from: Worldwide
Long Burning Wood Fuel For Stoves
Known for a high density and reliable heat, Beech is the longest burning firewood among all the traditional European species. This high-performance wood fuel is a must-have winter fuel.

OUR TIP. For quick lighting, start with few kindling sticks and use the help of single Waxies firelighter. To start-up, may need a more draft than normal.

DID YOU KNOW? The hand stacked cubic meter can hold up to 40% more firewood than a cubic meter loses packed. That’s almost two “builders bag” of firewood in single hand stacked cubic meter.


Heat Output > Excellent
Burning Time > Excellent
Flames > MEDIUM
Product Information
Kiln Dried Hardwood (100% Kiln Dried Alder
Net Weight 450KG
Moisture Level Below 15%
Log Lenght 250mm, Diameter 70mm – 140mm
Pallet Dimensions 1170mm x 820mm x 1200mm
Hand Stacked in Wooden Crate

What Is Kiln Dried?
Kiln-dried refers to wood that has been dried in a thermally insulated chamber, drawing any excess water from it. Whereas traditionally seasoned hardwood takes a minimum of one year to reduce its excess moisture to even 20% and even this is not consistent than kiln drying method brings it down to 15% in a matter of a few days!


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